Services Offered

Energy Saving Services Offered for Buildings of all Types & Sizes:

Do you want your future to depend on continued low energy prices? Is your building as healthy and comfortable as it can be?

 - Analysis of building energy use to find the most effective places to start saving. No magic gadgets, no black box software, just common sense. Heavy on the measurement, light on the computer simulation.

 - Detailed specifications written for mechanical system installations or upgrades of all types: heating, cooling, ventilating. Details include sizes, brand names, and part numbers for each part, 3-D isometric piping diagrams, and wiring diagrams.

 - Supervision of mechanical system installation work.

 - Measuring of nearly anything building and energy related - electricity use, temperature, air leakage, infrared imaging, etc.

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Energy Efficient Building Design:

Together with my architect partner, we have designed over 70 energy efficient buildings, all built for zero extra cost over the cost of normal "code minimum" construction.

 - Buildings designed to meet the very strict European PassivHaus (Passive House) design standard, which is for buildings so energy efficient they do not need a conventional heating system. The energy load is so low that it is met with solar gain, "waste" heat from people and appliances, and in the coldest weather, with a small amount of heat added to the incoming ventilation air. Some types of buildings can be PassivHaus buildings for no extra cost, others probably cannot.

 - Buildings designed to eliminate most of the energy a normal building would use for space heating, cooling, and hot water heating, but which still need conventional, but greatly reduced heating and cooling systems.

 - Renovations of existing buildings designed to meet either Passive House standards, or simply very energy efficient standards.

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