Energy Saving Work on Buildings

Measured Energy Saving From Work on Existing Buildings:

For 12 occupied apartment houses I worked on during the fall of 1990, oil consumption for heat and hot water went from 181,738 Gallons/Year to 95,882 Gal/Yr (except one building, where consumption units are Therms of Gas). Click Here to see fuel records taken from daily readings of calibrated oil tank gauges: Trafalger.pdf

Measured Energy Use by New Apartment Building with Mechanical Systems I Designed:

An East Village apartment building developed by Mary Spink is using about 15% of the heating and hot water energy (per square foot) according to the utility bills for the building, compared to the average measured in a survey of fuel records for 401 existing New York City apartment houses done in 1994. It should be noted that this is a flawed comparison because we are comparing our new building to existing buildings, and have not normalized the data for any differences in weather. With no data available on how much energy new NYC apartment houses use, we can only estimate how ours compares: perhaps ours is using maybe 20 to 25% of the heating and hot water energy of new construction buildings.

The buildings in the study used an average of 24 BTU/Square Foot/Heating Degree Day for heat, and over 100,000 BTU/Sq Ft/Yr for hot water. 299 East Third Street uses about 3.8 BTU/Sq Ft/HDD for heat, (calculations on link below) and about 14,962 BTU/Sq Ft/Yr for hot water (Jul + Aug x 6 / Sq Ft). Click to see the utility company billing records here: 299GasUseCalculationsfinal.jpg

The next tour of another, almost identical building is scheduled for next October. As we have been doing for years, we will give each attendee a copy of the latest year's fuel billing history downloaded from the Con-Edison website. Check back here or with Tour Info for exact time as the date approaches.